Conformal Coating System

Elite Coater - Nordson DIMA

The high speed Conformal Coating Solution

The complete high speed and high accuracy solution for Conformal Coating. The Elite selective conformal coating platform is the most flexible configure and easy to re-configure robot available for fast selective conformal coating jobs.
HC Coater HC-200 inline - DIMA Group

Equipped with an X, Y, Z and Φ Axis

The complete solution for Potting or Dispensing of Dots or Lines, Glob Top and Underfill or Conformal Coating. The HC-200 Robot is equipped with an X, Y, Z and Φ Axis. The 4 axis robots can handle up to 4 different tools. Tools can be dispense valves spray valves, grippers etc.
Coating- Dispense Master - DD-500 - DIMA Group

Ideal for one-valve selective coating

Features like lines circles and fills make this the dispensing unit the industry needs. With the Dispense Master we have made automatic dispensing available for almost every application.
Conexis - Conformal Coater - Nordson DIMA

Combining flexibility and modularity

The Conexis CX-3040 conformal coating system provides both speed and flexibility and is ideal for mid-volume, high-accuracy applications. Linear encoders enable the system to reach a maximum speed of 700 mm per second and an overall accuracy of 50 microns. Additional features and options can be added to the coater as production needs change.