Dispensing systems

Dispense Systems

DIMA Group develops dispensing machines based on experience with production techniques and process knowledge. Developing modular systems that can be reconfigured for future needs, DIMA can offer dispensing machines to small companies as well as to multinationals who want to gear up their production.
Conformal Coating - Spray - DIMA Group

Conformal coating material is applied to electronic circuitry to act as protection against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes that, if uncoated (non-protected), could result in damage or failure of the electronics to function.
Application of Underfill dispensing

Underfill is the process of applying special material (e.g. epoxy) to fill the area between the die and the carrier. Underfill materials are designed to control the stress on the solder joints.
Jet Dispensing

The continuing miniaturization in almost all technical areas creates constant challenges for industry, development and research facilities. Microdispensing is one of those challenges. Ever smaller amounts of adhesive, liquid, oil, grease and a multitude of other fluids must be dispensed reliably and accurately in dosage and placement with shortest cycle times. In non-contact jet dispensing, the drop forms at the end of a nozzle and separates from the nozzle before it hits its target.
Potting dispensing

Potting (formally: encapsulation) is a process of filling a complete electronic assembly with a solid or gelatinous compound for resistance to shock and vibration, and for exclusion of moisture and corrosive agents. Glob-top is consists of a drop of specially formulated resin deposited over a semiconductor chip and its wire bonds, to provide mechanical support and exclude contaminants such as fingerprint residues which could disrupt the circuit operation.
Dam and Fill

Dam and fill dispensing technique is used to encapsulate (bare) components. If the volumes are too small to buy mold equipment for the components, dam and fill is a cost saving alternative.
Sealant Dispensing

For sealing additional equipment is used. Containers, pumps, and regulators are used to deliver either single or plural component sealants from their original containers to an application point where the sealant can be applied to the workpiece in either metered shots or in continuous beads. Sealants with a wide range of viscosities can be processed in this way. Sealant dispensing systems for applying single component adhesives can be fed by ram mounted drum pumps for medium to heavy viscosity adhesives. Plural component sealants, such as polyurethanes and silicones can be processed by on a Meter Mix dispensing systems.
Curing Ovens

The Curing Ovens are especially designed for curing products with Infra red radiation. Products like conformal coating, potting, under fill and glob top can be cured using this type of ovens.
Different kinds of valves

The DIMA valves are fine mechanical instruments that are designed for outstanding precision and robust quality, easy to handle and maintained keeping the cost of ownership extremely low.