Underfill Dispense System

Elite Underfill DR-061 - Nordson DIMA

Elite Underfill DR-061

The DR-061 Robot is equipped with a X, Y and Z-axis to dispense underfill, dam and fill or corner bond materials. The DR-080 is equipped with the patented DIMA dynamic flow control system. This system allows you to run your production line with a 100% quality control on dispensed material per location.
Dispense Master with heating plate for Underfill - Nordson DIMA

Dispense Master DD-500

Dispense Master with optional bottom heater

The Nordson DIMA Dispense Master is a Desktop Dispensing platform providing a wide variety of applications. For Underfill applications an optional bottom heating unit is required. Bottom heating is needed to make sure that the underfill material will have enough capillary flow to fully underfill the component.