Dispense Systems

Paste dispenser - Dispense Master - DD-500 - Nordson DIMA

Dispense Master DD-500

Dispense Master with camera and frame grabber

Features like lines circles and fills make this the dispensing unit the industry needs. With the Dispense Master we have made automatic dispensing available for almost every application.
Elite dispenser DR-061 - Nordson DIMA

Dispenser Elite DR-061

High speed, High accuracy, Electronic material pressure control

The complete high speed and, high accuracy solutions for dispensing dots or lines. The DR-061 Robot is equipped with a X, Y and Z-axis and can be upgraded with a Φ-Axis movement. It is even possible to place more than one axis in the machine so that 2 different materials can be dispensed without the need for changeover. The maximum is 3 different valves and 3 different materials.
Dispenser HR-100 - DIMA Group

Dispenser HC-100

Specialized in high viscosity dispensing

The HC-100 Robot is equipped with an X, Y and Z axis. The 3 axis robots can handle up to 4 different tools. Tools can be dispense valves, spray valves, grippers etc. They have to be mounted onto a Z slide or a Z slide combined with a fixed tilt as the fourth axis.